When to Select Custom Software

When businesses require software for computers, processing systems, automation, and other functions, they have four choices. Free software is available for businesses. It can be downloaded to do simple tasks, such as basic reports, spreadsheets, and rudimentary website design. A small business, a simple one, and an independent consultant can find what is needed for no cost. Commercial off the shelf (COTS) software is readily available, easy to purchase, and requires no professional installation. It provides common applications, reporting capacity, and processing programs.

The problem with this software is that it is designed and produced for the masses. There may be some flexibility in functions and reporting, but not enough for a unique business. Licensing fees are charged based on the number of users. If the company is small to medium size, these fees can be included in the budget for any new software purchases. If the company is large, spread out across different branches, or utilizes a mobile workforce, those licensing fees can add up to millions of dollars. Considering how often COTS is updated with new versions, costs can get out of control.

Another option is to purchase software off the shelf and have it customized to suit certain functions of the business. A Software Development Company can make some adjustments to the programming to make it fit better with the existing processes and operational systems of the business. That works well if there are only a few minor changes that have to be made. There are still licensing costs to consider, so compare the total costs before deciding on customization. A free consultation for Software Development Melbourne can assist businesses with options and cost comparisons.


The fourth option is to have Software Development created specifically for the business. Unique businesses, those that specialize in a particular field, corporations, and businesses that deal with innovative processing typically decide to have software developed that is specific to that one business. Custom software can allow businesses to create specific reports, measure data in a different way, and suit preferences. That increases productivity, makes operations more efficient, and provide an edge over the competition.

Software Development Melbourne begins with initial meetings with business executives and department heads to determine what is needed, expectations of the new system, and future goals. The development process can take a lot of time, depending on the complexity of the business. Once software is developed, testing is done, changes are made, and more testing is done to ensure the end result will meet with business satisfaction. Programming and employee training is required as well. The time factor is a major consideration, but once the development is finished, the business can save time and money on purchasing new software, paying licensing fees, and then having it all customized.


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